How to Fix a Pod Vape That Isn’t Working

How to Fix a Pod Vape That Isn’t Working

How to Fix a Pod Vape That Isn’t Working

One of the greatest things about using a modern vaping device is that today’s vapes are nothing like the early e-cigarettes of the past. In the early days of vaping, it could often be a challenge just to find a vaping device that worked at all – let alone one that worked well enough to actually provide a satisfying experience. At this point, though, vaping devices have gone through several generations of iteration and improvement. Even if you buy the cheapest vape kit available at your local convenience store, you can expect it to give you a completely satisfying experience – and you can also expect it to work.

Except when it doesn’t.

Like virtually all consumer electronics, vaping devices are manufactured in extremely high volumes and sold at very low prices. Vaping devices differ from most other consumer electronics, though, in that each device has a battery designed for near-constant use at fairly high levels of drain. With thousands upon thousands of new pod vapes, disposable vapes, and vape mods being manufactured and sold each day, the possibility exists that you could end up with a device that doesn’t quite work as you expect. So, what do you do next?

In this article, we’re going to focus on pod vapes. Pod systems from companies like Premium Vape Australia are the most popular vaping devices on the market – and if your pod vape doesn’t work as expected, you’ll probably find that the instruction manual included with the starter kit isn’t much help. What types of problems can you fix yourself, and what problems might require you to return your device? Here’s how to troubleshoot the most common problems that you might experience with a pod vape.

How to Fix a Pod Vape That Isn’t Charging

A pod vaping system always includes a charging accessory such as a USB cable or a magnetic charging dock. To charge the device, you’ll use the cable or dock to connect the device to your computer. At that point, the device’s indicator light will either turn on or start flashing. When the charge cycle is complete, the indicator light will change to green or turn off.

If your pod system never finishes charging – or if nothing at all happens when you connect the charger – it’s likely that the device has a problem with its battery or isn’t making a solid connection to the charger. Here’s how to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Make sure that you’re charging your device through your computer’s USB port. Don’t attempt to charge a vaping device through a wall charger for a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Use a toothpick to carefully remove dust and pocket lint from the contacts on the charger and the vaping device.
  • Remove the pod from the device and check for a leak. If you see e-liquid under the pod, it’s possible that moisture has gotten inside the device. Remove as much e-liquid as you can with a paper towel. Blow firmly through the device to push e-liquid out. If you think that your pod vape’s internal electronics are severely contaminated with e-liquid, you can try sealing the device in a plastic bag with dry rice for a day.
  • Try using a different charging dock or cradle if one is available.
  • If you’re still unable to charge the device, it’s likely that the device itself requires replacement.

How to Fix a Pod Vape That’s Leaking or Gurgling

The act of vaping means that you’re heating a liquid to the point of vaporization and inhaling the vapor. There’s naturally going to be some condensation involved in that process, and a small amount of that condensation may eventually find its way out of your pod. That’s normal, and when it happens, you can use a paper towel to remove the small drops of e-liquid. If your pod vape gurgles or has a major leak, though, that’s a problem. Here’s how to fix a leaking pod vape.

  • Follow the instructions above for drying your device in the event of a severe leak.
  • If you’re using a pre-filled pod system, use gentle air pressure when vaping. In most cases, a pod system will leak because you’re puffing more firmly than you should.
  • If you’re using a refillable pod system, stop filling your pod all the way to the top. Leave a little empty space inside the pod. That way, you won’t push e-liquid out of the pod when you close the filling port.

How to Fix a Pod Vape That Isn’t Hitting

A pod vape that isn’t hitting produces no vapor when you puff on it. In this case, you may find that the device’s light blinks when you puff – or that it doesn’t do anything at all. Follow these steps to fix a pod vape that isn’t hitting.

  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged. If your pod vape isn’t charging correctly, that’s the core issue. Follow the steps above to troubleshoot the charging problem.
  • Remove the pod and check for spilled e-liquid. If you just see a small amount of condensation, remove it with a paper towel and try vaping again. If there’s a severe leak, try drying your pod vape using the steps above.
  • Try inserting a different pod. It’s possible that the pod you’re using has a manufacturing defect and isn’t making a good connection with the device.
  • Try puffing very firmly on your device. If it starts working, it’s possible that the airflow sensor was stuck or not working properly. If the issue continues happening, it may be necessary to replace the device.

How to Fix a Pod Vape That Gives You Weak Hits

Every time you puff on your pod vape, you should get a satisfying and enjoyable cloud of vapor – and if that doesn’t happen, it’s a problem because you won’t enjoy vaping and may even feel tempted to return to smoking. Luckily, if you do get weak hits with your pod vape, it’s a very easy problem to fix.

  • Try buying e-liquid or refill pods with a higher nicotine strength if one is available.
  • Try partially covering your pod system’s intake vent with a finger when you puff. That increases the pressure of the air flowing through the device, which may cause it to produce larger and warmer clouds.
  • If you find that blocking your device’s intake vent causes it to produce more satisfying clouds, it might be wise to consider upgrading to a more powerful vaping device.

How to Fix a Burnt Taste With a Pod Vape

When you vape, you should always enjoy the flavor – and nothing ruins that more quickly than a pervasive burnt taste. If your pod vape tastes burnt, that’s definitely not normal. Here’s how to fix it.

  • With any type of pod system, it’s important to wait several seconds after each puff before vaping again. A vape pod uses a silica or cotton wick to transport e-liquid from the pod’s reservoir to the heating coil. When you puff on your device, the wick will be dry at the end of the puff. To avoid harsh “dry hits,” you need to wait a moment after each puff to give the wick time to bring more e-liquid to the heating coil.
  • If you’re using a refillable pod system, your pod is designed to last through several refills before it requires replacement. You won’t actually get that amount of life out of your pods, though, if you’re using sweetened e-liquid. The sucralose that’s used to sweeten many vape juices may taste great, but it doesn’t vaporize cleanly and will shorten the life of your pods. To avoid the burnt flavor and make your pods last longer, use unsweetened e-liquid instead.

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