Cigarettes with CBD are still available

A new CBD cigarette product has been developed by a Canadian hemp firm for sale in the United States.

Sweet Earth Holdings Corp., a publicly traded company, said that it had finished creating a new “patented variety of CBD/hemp cigarettes” with collaborator Pure Products LLC.

According to a news release, the cigarettes will be distributed in the United States as a Turkish Blend taste under the Sweet Earth Smooth brand.

These items will be available in West Coast hemp dispensaries, with the new product as well as the current line being offered digitally.

Sweet Earth claims that it created its new Turkish Blend item with nicotine-free, tobacco-free simulations of smoking tobacco or cigars in mind.

Turkish Blend offers a faint aroma akin to tobacco or cigars, unlike other hemp cigarettes that preserve cannabidiol flavored smoke, according to the same claim.

They go on to say that the cigarettes will be pre-rolled and marketed in packs of 20, much like regular tobacco cigarettes.

The Turkish Blend brand also includes more than 10% Cannabidiol, costs $12.99 per pack, and is tobacco and nicotine-free.

In addition to the aforementioned CBD advantages, Sweet Earth and Pure Products created Turkish Blend, which has a unique milder scent that is more akin to tobacco, making it easier for people who want to stop smoking tobacco, which is recognized to be full of toxic substances and extremely addictive nicotine.

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