No lung harm has been found as a result of long-term daily vaping, according to a new study

Prof. Riccardo Polosa and his colleagues followed a small group of young adults who had never smoked but regularly used vaping devices. The subjects were tracked for 312 years and their outcomes were contrasted to a control group of non – smokers who never tried a vaping device.

When contrasted to a tightly matched group of never-smoking non-EC users, the researchers discovered no alterations in spirometric indices, the onset of respiratory problems, alterations in indicators of lung inflammation in exhaled air, or evidence of early lung problems on HRCT.

Even the heaviest users showed no symptoms of lung injury or inflammation, and there were no alterations in heart rate or blood pressure, according to the study.

Polosa’s research addresses the issue of arterial stiffness.

These findings address the worries of several medical experts who suspected a link between vaping and arterial stiffness. A study presented at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress in Milan, Italy in September 2017 found that vaping improve vital signs and arterial stiffness over a brief period.

Prof. Peter Hajek, head of Queen Mary University of London’s (QMUL) Tobacco Dependence Research Unit, responded by pointing out that other items have the same effect on the human body but are regarded as irrelevant in terms of health hazards.

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