What does the FDA’s new label requirements mean for the Vaping Industry?

What does the FDA’s new label requirements mean for the Vaping Industry?

August 13, 2018


The FDA is slowly deciding the fate of the industry that we love week by week. Compare where we were before August 8, 2016 and you will see a wild west of companies getting rich and customers having endless palette options. Those days are long gone and the FDA is here to regulate everything you purchase at your local vape shop.

What’s happening?

The FDA is requiring all small and large ejuice brands to adapt to their new warning label requirements to provide awareness to customers of the side effects to vaping ejuice. You may have already started seeing this annoying "WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical" 12pt Arial/Helvetic Bold font on websites, advertisements and bottles. This is here to stay. To view the rest of the label requirements visit the FDA website here. 

The Direct Effect

Brands are no longer allowed to distribute to retail stores after August 10, 2018 with out of date labels. Stores are however allowed to sell off the rest of their remaining stock of non-compliant bottles (thank goodness.)

Benefits to Customers

Customer will see huge discounts on their favorite juices during this transition period. By now, most of your local shops or web stores should be offering deep discounts by the time you read this. Now is the time to stock up!


Moving Forward

More red tape for us juice brands to deal with. The label requirements are just another moment in our business whether we decide to keep up with the industry or not. Some will stick around and adapt to the new rules while others will close up shop simply because they are fed up with more changes. What customers don’t realize is that changes like this effect small businesses in a negative way. It can take months to offload product that we have invested in based on our own forecasts. Price slashing and BOGOs are common practice but can we recover and retain our margins to stay in business? Would you as a customer go back to paying $19.99-24.99 for a 60ml when just the other week you were given 30-50% off that very same flavor?

The Future of Vape Chemist

We love this industry just as much as anyone else but with the amount of competition and headache we have to deal with, what is the game plan for us moving forward? Executive decisions such as doubling down on the best sellers and eliminating slow movers is something we have been dealing with for the past year. Do you care that we have 3 flavor collections? Should we just sell our mango flavors to streamline the business? Are you ok with us 86-ing 12mg? Would you mind if we went straight 120mls? 

What are your thoughts?