Vaping Etiquette: 4 Common Sense Rules to Avoid Being An Annoying Vaper

Vaping Etiquette: 4 Common Sense Rules to Avoid Being An Annoying Vaper

September 16, 2016

“E-juice isn’t tobacco, so I can vape anywhere I choose, right? Right??” 


The decision to switch from tobacco to e-juice may be one family and friends applaud you for, but it’s also one that comes with its own set of rules. Violating them can forever turn your friends off to vaping altogether, as illustrated by this Reddit post on the subject of annoying vapers.

You’re no longer suffocating those around you with you smoke or having to find the smoking sections in airports and sports stadiums, but that doesn’t mean you can vape anywhere, anytime.

Most state and local laws treat vaping exactly like smoking, regardless of how much nicotine is in your juice. People treat it the same way too, and it can still cost you over a million dollars over your lifetime.

You’re not the first person to think of smoking alternatives. Dip, chew, patches, gums, and shots existed for a long time to help with smoking cessation. You’ll notice Skoal and all the other smokeless tobacco options don’t lack cancer warnings.

Understanding the rules of vaping etiquette is important for all vapors, and something the team at Vape Chemist takes seriously. As Kate Hudson at Medium points out, you’ll face harsh judgement for breaking the common sense rules of vaping.

Vape Etiquette 101  

We get it – you vape, but there’s no need to be obnoxious about it and give the industry and everyone else a bad name. Just like you need to adhere to certain rules to continue driving, great vape comes with great responsibilities.

And since the FDA can’t fine the general public, odds are a concerned citizen will likely slap you for stepping out of line with your vaping habits.

Please review the following vaping etiquette guidelines to eliminate any confusion about the topic and keep yourself out of trouble on the streets.


  1. Use Common Sense

Don’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke. It’s that simple, and there are signs everywhere explaining where you can and can’t smoke. Don’t make governments and businesses around the globe spend tens of millions of dollars to change signs to say “No Smoking or Vaping.”

It hasn’t been acceptable to smoke in line at the grocery store for decades, nor is it good taste to vape in non-smoking individuals’ homes, the local dive bar, restaurants, get the idea.

Just because you’re not smoking doesn’t mean people can’t smell and see the cloud of vape. In many establishments, you’ll be reminded not to vape with the same (justified) audacity as though you had just lit up a cigar or joint.

My point is if you wouldn’t smoke in your current environment, you shouldn’t vape either. Use your common sense and stop trying to argue semantics.


  1. Ask Permission First

Always ask before vaping in someone’s vehicle and it’s common courtesy to step away from the table if you’d like to vape during a meal.

Just because you enjoy your mango pound cake doesn’t mean someone else is going to enjoy it secondhand. If it was an actual slice of cake, I doubt you’d chew it and spit it into your friend’s mouth like a mama bird feeding her babies.

Why would you share your vape that way without at least asking?

Always ask permission before vaping. Sure, the resulting “smoke” frequently has a pleasant scent, dissipates quickly, and doesn’t feature the harmful side effects of secondhand cigarette smoke, but it’s still polite to ask for permission.

Ask the establishment manager, your friend, the host, or whoever before pulling out your rig.

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  1. Be Kind to Smokers

Avoid getting up on your high horse when vaping around smokers. Nobody likes that guy. He’s a pretentious prick. We’re all going to die, and we all have the freedom to make our decisions about how we spend our time, money, and resources.

Instead of being a twat, be kind and respectful. Answer any questions they have about vaping. Not every smoker will switch to vaping--some may continue to smoke indefinitely, while others will simply quit and never again pick up a cigarette, cigar, or smoking device.

Keep in mind some smokers may make disdainful comments due to their own insecurities about their cigarette use. Life is tough. Hug me, cry yourself a river, build a bridge, and get over it.


  1. Refrain from Blowing Vape Clouds

There’s a time and a place for everything. I’m sure you’re going to be the next great cloud chaser, but while I’m trying to talk to you isn’t the best opening to start showing your skills.

Sure, it’s cool that you can make a vape tornado. My dog just died a week after my girlfriend left me, and I’m not really in the mood to see it.

Be discrete about blowing clouds of vape smoke, especially around non-smokers.

Try blowing big clouds in your local park or other places with plenty of open space instead of a crowded street or confined area. You’re well within your rights to blow huge clouds, but everyone else is within their rights to chastise you for it.

Did you think you were going to get some kind of trophy or build a fan base blowing vape in people’s faces?

Keep your ego in check and show off in places where you’re not disturbing the general peace and quiet of the community around you. Otherwise vapers will be associated with the undesirables and criminals in town and regulations will continue to get worse.

The FDA already stepped in to making vaping more expensive with costly compliance and penalties. The Internet already knows other drugs besides nicotine can be used in vape pens. We don’t need more law enforcement rallying against the vape industry.

There was a time you could buy a needle at your local pharmacy, but drug addicts ruined it for everyone. Don’t think the vaping industry is ever safe. You’ll always be able to find tanks, batteries, coils, wicks, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol somewhere online, but it would be a shame if using them to inhale evaporated liquids was ever outlawed.

FDA regulations may not have caused the vape Armageddon everyone (except us, of course) predicted they would, but prohibition is a true concern.

If you want to keep on vaping, keep on doing it responsibly.

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