Vape Influencer Spotlight: Dose of Farrah

Vape Influencer Spotlight: Dose of Farrah

September 26, 2016

A couple articles ago we talked about the relevancy of Vape influencers to raise the question 'if they were still influential?' Part two of that discussion comes in the form of an interview. We recently chatted with Vape influencer/model Farrah B of Supremacy Vapors to get insight on her daily routine and the future of Vaping post August 8th.

Vape Chemist:
Hey Farrah! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate. Can you please let the folks know out there who you are? 

Farrah: Thank you very much for having me. To start, I was born and raised in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. I come from a Filipino, Chinese and French background, however my mom and dad were originally from the Philippines. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley where I got my bachelor’s degree in communications from Cal State Northridge. In the past I’ve always worked for large corporations, however, I always wanted to be my own boss with a flexible lifestyle, schedule, while still having time to do other things that I am very passionate about such as traveling and vape modeling. About 3 years ago I took the leap of faith and left my corporate job and I started my own vape company called Supremacy Vapors along with a few other online businesses which I run as my full time gig. The vape business has allowed me to continue being a business woman while simultaneously being able to express my creative side with vape modeling to promote an industry, products, and people I really cherish.

VC: How did you get into becoming a Vape model/influencer? I am sure its something you didn’t know you were going to jump into 3+ years ago.

Farrah: I never thought I would be involved in the vape industry, let alone have my own e-juice company.  I've been involved in the vape industry for two years now and I have been modeling part-time for five years. Ever since I started modeling a few years ago I wanted to take it further. I got more involved with building a vape following on different social media channels by posting a lot of photos and videos of me vaping. My channels started to get noticed by other vape companies who wanted to work with me. So I started vape modeling for different companies in the vape industry and it is going extremely well so far.  

Vape Chemist Influence Spotlight: Doses of Farrah

VC: What does a typical day look like for you?

Farrah: The first thing I do in the morning is get ready to head to the gym. The gym wakes me up and clears my mind so I can mentally prepare for the busy day I have ahead.  After working out I will head to the office to work down the list of things I need to do for the day. Music helps me work so I always have the tunes playing EDM, hip hop, r&b, just anything that gets my head bobbing. I make my own party at the office so it doesn't seem so much like work for me.  I love vaping while I work so my desk is covered with vape products. At least 8 bottles of e-juice and a couple mods in front of me.  The best part of the day is getting vapemail from companies that I work with.  I have a mission to try every flavor on the market ha-ha.  When I’m done at the office I will head out to take photos for my clients.  Modeling takes a lot of time out of my day so I have to make sure that I take as many sets I can, when I can.  Once the photos are done I can’t wait to unwind with some vape therapy. This is when I get to try all the new products I got and share them with the vape community on social media. I love the response I get from those who follow me.

VC: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Farrah: Honestly, I enjoy the fact that I work for myself. It is the best feeling knowing that I am the creator of my own. Now I have the time to do what I enjoy the most, traveling. I have been fortunate to work remotely for my business and also vape model when I travel around the world with my husband. Not many of my friends can say they do the same.

VC: What are your thoughts on the Vape industry post August 8th? 

Farrah: There are so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions I have in regards to the FDA’s final ruling on vapor products and post August 8th regulations. I could single handedly write a book on this topic but the short answer is, I’m disappointed in the system as a whole. I won’t deny that I always thought there had to be some standards and accountability on the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of vapor product, however the ruling seemed to overstep the oversight part of the industry I thought would be good for vape and single handedly lit the fuse on a stick of dynamite for the industry as a whole. Today, we comply with the standards that have been given, however only time will tell where the industry will be or not be in the next 3 years. As a member of SAFATA and a vape advocate, I am hopeful we can somehow find a way to preserve the businesses that has allowed so many entrepreneurs such as myself to start, grow, and help others find an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Vape Chemist Influence Spotlight: Doses of Farrah

VC: As a successful social media influencer such as yourself, do you see any changes on how the future of vape/non-vape products will be marketed? 

Farrah: As an influencer I am involved with a variety of great marketing campaigns. As more regulations from the FDA become strongly enforced on the vape industry, there will be some costly fees to prevent vape businesses to move forward. Therefore, companies will be less inclined to spend a large amount of money to market their products.  However, what is great about apps such as instagram, facebook, twitter, and snapchat is that you can work with social media influencers to market a product.  So I am optimistic that there will always be a demand for vape influencers. As more people join social media each day, influencer marketing will gain popularity since it is more cost effective than paid advertising and leads to more creditable brand recommendations which consumers are more likely to trust. I think there has been more demand on influencer marketing as it becomes the most effective long term marketing strategy. Think about it, would you buy a product from a magazine because the ad looks cool or would you buy a product from someone you trust and follow on social media who keeps up with the latest trends?

VC: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Farrah: I still see myself as a social media influencer and an entrepreneur. Right now I am working on new products to launch in the near future. It’s really exciting to see myself grow something organically and live the life I have always dreamed about.

VC: Anything you would like to plug? 

Farrah: Yes, please follow me on instagram, twitter, facebook: @Dose.of.Farrah Snapchat: meow.farrah

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