The US Surgeon General has called for the decriminalization of marijuana

Marijuana use should be decriminalized at the national and state levels, according to Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

Murthy, an Obama administration public health hanger-on and buddy of the Biden White House, made his statements in a previous CNN interview.

According to Murthy, when it relates to decriminalization, “I don’t believe there is any benefit to individuals or society in locking people up for marijuana usage,” as reported by Marijuana Moment journalist Tom Angell on his CNN interview.

When questioned about his views on cannabis, Surgeon General Murthy stopped short of advocating for full legalization.

In response to Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) launching a massive cannabis legalization bill alongside members of the Democratic majority in the Senate, CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Dana Bash asked such a question.

The bill aims to legalize marijuana use at the federal level while also devolving more regulatory authority to state governments.

President Joe Biden is still undecided about marijuana legalization on a national basis.

Despite receiving considerable public praise for his efforts to stop the drug war, Biden has made little visible effort to reverse decades of racially biased and public-health-harming enforcement tactics.

Murthy took a strong line against tobacco harm minimization concepts and the possibility for electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit using combustible goods like cigarettes while serving as Surgeon General under previous President Barack Obama.

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