Disposable Vape Weak Hits: Here’s How to Fix Them

Disposable Vape Weak Hits: Here’s How to Fix Them

Disposable Vape Weak Hits: Here’s How to Fix Them

Disposable vapes are typically some of the highest-nicotine vaping devices on the market. They’re small, so they have to pack a punch – and it’s doubly important for disposable vapes to be as satisfying as possible because they’re the devices that smokers are most likely to buy first when they decide that they’re ready to give vaping a try. When you puff on a disposable vape for the first time, you expect to feel the same kind of assertive throat hit that you’d experience when smoking a cigarette – and if you don’t, it’s going to be a major disappointment that could turn you away from vaping for good vapes are meant to be satisfying – and if your device isn’t, there’s most likely something that you can change to improve the experience.

Use these six tips to eliminate weak hits with any disposable vape.

Wait Between Puffs to Ensure Full Wick Saturation

If you want to have a satisfying experience with a disposable vape and avoid weak hits, it’s helpful to understand how your device works. In a disposable vape, the vape juice is usually stored in a wet fabric pad that’s held in close proximity to the heating coil. The pad serves as a wick that keeps the coil supplied with e-liquid. When you puff on a disposable vape, the e-liquid in the inner portion of the pad boils away – and when you stop puffing, absorption brings more vape juice in from the outer portion of the pad.

In short, if you puff on a disposable vape and then puff again immediately, the inner portion of the pad won’t be completely wet yet. You’ll get a weak hit as a result. It’s very easy to prevent this from happening; all that you need to do is stop chain vaping and ensure that you always wait a good amount of time after each puff before using your disposable vape again.

Charge the Battery if Possible

Does your disposable vape have a USB port? If it does, the battery is rechargeable. In this case, it’s helpful to understand that a disposable vape usually uses the direct voltage method of power delivery. In other words, the more power the battery has available, the bigger the device’s cloud production will be. When you use a rechargeable disposable vape, you’ll get bigger and more satisfying clouds if you recharge the battery frequently instead of using your device until the battery dies.

Take Longer, Slower Puffs for Bigger Clouds

Did you know that you can get bigger clouds with any vaping device by taking longer puffs? As a smoker, you’re probably used to taking short, firm puffs when you want the cigarette to burn hotter and produce bigger smoke clouds. When you vape, though, it’s the duration of the puff – not the strength – that determines how big the vapor cloud will be. If you want to get bigger and more satisfying clouds with a disposable vape, you should take long, deep drags. Inhale when your mouth is completely full of vapor.

If you begin taking longer puffs when using your disposable vape, it’s important to note that this will reduce the total number of puffs that you get out of the device. The number of puffs advertised on the package is usually based on a puff length of about one second – so if your 5,000-puff disposable vape ends up producing more like 2,000 puffs, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Adjust the Device’s Airflow

Does your disposable vape have adjustable airflow? If it does, you can change the airflow to customize the device’s vapor output to your satisfaction. If the airflow is open, your vape will produce bigger clouds. If you reduce the airflow, the clouds will be smaller but warmer and more intense. If you aren’t using a device with adjustable airflow, you can get essentially the same result by partially blocking the airflow hole on the bottom of the device when you vape.

Use a Higher Nicotine Strength if Possible

Most disposable vapes are only available in one nicotine strength. That strength is usually 50 mg/ml (5%) in regions such as the United States that have no restrictions in place to limit e-liquid nicotine strengths. In regions that do have restrictions – such as the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada – the highest available strength is usually 20 mg/ml (2%).

In some cases, though, manufacturers of disposable vapes do make their devices available in more than one strength. A few nicotine-free disposable vapes are even available. If you find that your device produces weak hits, you should check the nicotine strength that you’re using and confirm that it’s the highest strength available in your region. If a higher nicotine strength is available, you should consider trying it.

Replace the Device if It’s a Few Days Old

Reading this article, you’ve learned a great deal about how disposable vapes work. Specifically, you’ve learned that a disposable vape will naturally produce smaller and less satisfying clouds the more it is used. The battery’s voltage will decrease over time, and the wick will slowly dry out. The end result is that the cloud production will get smaller and smaller until the device finally dies. When a disposable vape is reaching the end of its life, it’s completely normal for the cloud production to drop significantly. In that case, you don’t need to change anything about the way you use your device because it’s simply time to replace it.

Unless you’re using an extremely high-capacity device with a rechargeable battery, it’s typical for a disposable vape to last about two or three days. If you notice that your satisfaction level has dropped greatly after using a disposable vape for that length of time, it’s virtually certain that the device is about to run out of vape juice or battery power. You should plan to replace it right away.

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