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VapeChemist: Briefly talk about the history of your shop.

Vapegoat: People always wonder what’s up with the name Vapegoat? It’s simply a play on the word scapegoat, which is basically the term for someone who takes the blame for others. We wanted a name that was different and creative and that idea is the basis of what we do. We opened in 2013 as a vape shop and art gallery. We love vaping as well as art, music and skate culture so it was natural that those aspects were birthed into the shop as well. We’re located in the eclectic city Highland Park, Los Angeles which seemed to be the perfect location for the shop. We take pride in servicing the community and helping them making the switch from smoking to vaping.

Vape Goat - Vape Chemist

In one of the most competitive and lucrative industries as of late, what separates your store from your competition?

VG: The shop itself has a different look to most. Since it’s an art gallery the look of the shop constantly changes monthly. We feature an art show every month hosting mostly local and aspiring artist. We do a live music shows and the shop provides an intimate in your face kind of venue. I guess one of the things that makes us different is we are able to introduce vaping to people who don’t really know much about it. We normally have people hanging out at the shop who don’t even vape.

VC: What do you love about the vaping industry? 

VG: The vape community is growing so fast and it has it’s own culture but what I love most about the vape community is that I see everyone in it as a success story. Most of us had smoked at some level, some longer than others. Vaping stopped that for most of us. We frickin love that.

VC: What is the best selling Vape Chemist juice you sell? And why do you think it does so well?

VG: Our best selling Vape Chemist juice is Philippine Mango; it’s just a great tasting mango, flavorful and true. When they taste PIM for the first time 99% of the time they pick it up. Mango Pound Cake is creeping up though.

Vape Goat
5054 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042
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Vape Goat - Vape Chemist

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