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Vape Chemist: Briefly talk about the history of your shop

Vapory Shop: The Vapory Shop was created out of necessity in 2013. Our search for a cleaner alternative to smoking lead us to vaping, and soon gave birth to a desire to open our own shop. At the time, Vape Shops were few and far between. We saw the opportunity and we jumped at the chance to be able to offer vapor products for our home town and the Bay area in general. With little inventory and a passionate team, we managed to grow from a little pop-up shop in San Francisco’s North Beach to a full on brick & mortar shop on Folsom & 23rd in the Mission District, along with our new store in San Bruno, Ca., which opened in May 2016.

VC: In one of the most competitive and lucrative industries as of late, what separates your store from your competition?

VS: Vapory Shop has always strived for customer satisfaction. With some of the best selections in e-juice, low pricing and customer service to match, we have grown and evolved to become one of the best online vapor retailers as well as a major retail vape destination in the Bay Area. What sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction and providing the BEST e-juice variety and pricing to our loyal supporters.

VC: What do you love about the vaping industry?

VS: We love the Vape Community! This industry has blessed a lot of people, including ourselves and has given rise to many small business owners and industry leading manufacturers. We are just grateful to be a part of this community and meeting all of the wonderful people, customers, and companies along the way.

VC: What is the best selling Vape Chemist juice you sell?

Currently, our best selling Vape Chemist juice is Strawberry Poundcake. The strawberry flavor coming from that juice is unlike any other! The distinct juicy strawberry on the inhale is cushioned by a smooth, buttery poundcake taste with every exhale. A delicious all-day-vape and best seller at!

VC: What are you plans for the future?  

VS: The Vapory Shop will continue to evolve and grow along with all the current regulations and practice standards for the industry. With the community’s continuos support, we look forward to being the BEST online retailer for vape in the years to come. Welcome to the Vapory Shop!

If you are in the bay area, please visit them at: 

Vapory Shop
2707 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94110



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