E-Cigarette 101: Your Beginner's Guide to Vaping

If you recently made the switch from traditional tobacco to ecigarettes, we’re proud of you. You’re doing your health, those around you, and the planet a big favor. Cigarette and cigar smoke contains dangerous carcinogens that are released into both your lungs and the atmosphere when lighting up.

Not only is vaping better for the environment and your body, it’s more economical. No longer will you waste money on packs of cigarettes, lighters, and the gum and cologne necessary to keep yourself fresh and clean enough to feel good in public.

To help make the transition smoother, we put together this guide to ecigarettes, ejuice, and everything else vaping so you know what you’re doing.


Dispelling E-cigarette Myths

Before we delve into using e-cigs, it’s important to dispel a few myths surrounding vaping products. First, they do not promote tobacco use, as many use e-cigs to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. Vape juice is made with varying levels of nicotine to help smokers wean off smoking, not ramp children up.

Vaping devices are much safer than cigarettes, as smoking is one of the top causes of fires in both the U.S. and the world. E-cigarettes and related devices are battery-operated pieces that pose no threat of fire when used correctly. Some poorly manufactured, generic ecigarettes and mech mods that don’t include required safety measures can be dangerous, but the FDA is actively seeking and banning these.

Additionally, e-cigarettes do not produce harmful secondhand smoke, nor are they believed to be as damaging to health as traditional cigarettes. They contain no carcinogens, tar, and other harmful chemicals, and the ingredients they do contain are evaporated, not burnt, which brings me to the next point.


How E-Cigs Work

While no two vaping device brands are exactly alike, they all feature (basically) the same mechanisms. Each option features an atomizer of sorts that heats the e-juice liquid to create vapor. You inhale the vapor as you would traditional cigarette smoke. The flavorful vapor dissipates quickly when exhaled and doesn’t leave a smell in your clothes.

Some ecigarettes use tanks to hold ejuice. A wick soaks the juice into the heating element as you inhale. Drip systems allow you to drip juice as needed directly onto the heated coil. Which type you use is a matter of personal preference, and they both have their benefits and weaknesses.


Different Types of Ecigarettes

There are several different types of e-cigs. Disposable versions, which are often the same size as traditional cigarettes, have a short battery life and limited juice capacity. Often the battery is reusable, but the juice tanks are not. Disposable cigalikes sold by big tobacco even include chips that specifically reject refilled tanks.

The next step up are vape pens that are closer to the size of cigars. Like disposables, they include rechargeable batteries and the batteries are usually made easy to replace for additional convenience. Vape pens often use tanks.

Three-piece units, known as mech mods, offer powerful battery life and are more complex than the aforementioned options. They provide outstanding vape production, adjustable wattage, and personalized options. These customizable mods are used in cloud blowing competitions and are preferred by hardcore vapors. They often run over $100.

In addition, there are dry-herb table vaporizers that can be used to heat and evaporate any dry herb you wish to “smoke” in place of tobacco. It’s becoming popular for smoke shops to carry a variety of smokable herbs that are much safer than tobacco. Feel free to use a table vaporizer in place of smoking a cigarette if you’re starting to waver on vaping over smoking.


What Is E-Juice?

E-cig liquid and vapor is comprised of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring. Often they contain nicotine, but that’s not always the case. Ejuice comes in practically every flavor you can imagine, from fruits to spices, drinks, tobacco products, foods, and more.

At Vape Chemist, our juices are made from the purest ingredients and mixed in a laboratory setting. This makes a difference, providing the best-tasting, cleanest flavors possible in your vape. When the FDA announcement was made, plenty of lower-quality brands complained, but we were never worried. That’s because we’re confident in our processes.

Our juices are made from organic, food-grade flavors and we label everything that’s included. Each bottle goes through a rigorous testing process before being released to the public. We’re vapers too, and we stand by every product we make. 

In college marketing classes, they often compare the reactions of RJ Reynolds and Phillip Morris when the U.S. government cracked down on the tobacco industry. While Reynolds retreated, Morris stood by its product and smoker culture.

Now the man is coming after the vape industry, and Vape Chemist stands by our brand. We know the quality. We understand the industry. We care about our customers. That’s why we try to keep you safe during every step of the process.


Basic Vaping Etiquette

Although you’re excited to share your new hobby with others, an important aspect of vape safety is when and where you vape.

Don’t pull out your vape pen in an enclosed spaced like public transportation, office buildings, elevators, or stores/restaurants. It’s sometimes acceptable to vape in bars, even when smoking isn’t allowed. Keep an eye on signs and be sure to ask a local if you’re in a new area you’re unsure about.

If someone complains about your vaping, be gracious. It’s not worth starting a fight over something so stupid. Just walk away and vape somewhere else where you’re not bothering someone.

Just because vape doesn’t smell as bad as smoke doesn’t mean people appreciate being around it. Be mindful of others, and don’t just assume you’re allowed to vape.


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