Hardware Review: The SMOK G-Priv 220W and SMOK H-Priv Mini

December 29, 2016


I’ve been reviewing technology this year from smart lights and home automation gear to mobile phones, wearables, and even drones. Today I’m checking out a couple models of one of my favorite technologies in the past 10 years – e-cigarettes.

I have about 10 different e-cigarettes ranging from some of the original pre-2010 cig-a-likes to some pretty expensive vaping rigs. They each have their pros and cons, although some models work better than others. So I’m using the two mod boxes received from Smok to explain some of the differences to look for when shopping for ecigarettes.   

As always, I’m vaping Vape Chemist e-juices, and since the company is developing a line of CBD vape juice to join its current flavor lineup, I tried some of that as well (CBD is also good for the nerves and concentration). Here’s how it worked out.

The G-Priv 220W Mod Specs

We have two mod boxes to test – the SMOK G-Priv 220W is a touchscreen mod box capable of producing up to 220 watts of power and a comprehensive temperature control. The 2.4-inch touchscreen display includes a graphical UI that can be used to further navigate the device’s features.

Using the G-Priv touchscreen, you can choose temperature or wattage control, initial preheat temp, maximum drag time and more. This makes it one of the most powerful mod boxes on the market. 

The touchscreen is shatter-resistant, but I’m not prone to dropping my mod box as often as I do my cell phone, so I didn’t get the chance to test how much it can really take. The addition of the screen does make me wonder about the G-Priv’s longevity, but it’s a solid mod box so far from my usage.

The kit itself is extremely comprehensive, including several spare parts. It includes the G-Priv 220 Mod, TFV8 Big Baby Tank, two tank cores (a Baby-X4 .15 ohm quadcore and Baby-T6 .2 ohm sextcore), a replacement glass tank tube, USB cable, silicon protection sleeve, and several spare rubber gaskets. The protection sleeve is too loose to provide much protection though. 


What the G-Priv kit doesn’t come with is the two 18650 lithium ion batteries necessary to use it. Thankfully these can be found relatively cheap at Walmart, Amazon, or any camera or battery store. So, while the mod kit costs anywhere from $75-$100 online, you’ll need to add an additional $10 for batteries. It’s still cheaper than many competitors that don’t include all the accessories though.

The H-Priv Mini Mod Specs

If the G-Priv is too much for you, the SMOK H-Priv Mini may be more your style. This 50 watt mod is less powerful and a little smaller, but is still capable of producing a temperature range from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. (100-315 degrees Celsius in non-retard).

While it doesn’t have the graphical touchscreen of the G-Priv, it does have an OLED screen that displays the wattage, voltage, battery life, drawing effect, puff number, and resistance value in an easy-to-read layout.

Like the G-Priv, the H-Priv includes an intelligent atomizer/coil recognition system that understands when you rebuild the RBA. Both models also include short circuit and overheating protection, a low battery warning, and puff monitoring. Unlike the adjustable puff time settings on the G-Priv, the H-Priv is set at a 12-second inhalation cutoff.

The kit includes the H-Priv 50W mod box, Brit Beast Tank, two Baby-Q2 .6-ohm dual core atomizers, a USB cable, and replacement glass tube and gaskets. Element Vape is absolutely incorrect in their review stating that there’s no replacement glass tube. My kit had one. The mod box has a built-in 1650mAh lithium ion battery, so there’s no need to buy extras. It retails for $45-$70 online.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Having used both boxes back and forth for the past several weeks, I’m actually pretty happy with both. Previously I had been using an Eleaf istick and the CO2 Company’s Oil Rig, both of which I had various issues with.

The tanks Smok uses do not leak like the tanks I have for the others. The CO2 company came with a tank, but its design makes it leak ejuice all over your pants pocket any time it’s not fully upright. Eleaf’s istick didn’t come with its own tank, so I had to use generic ones, none of which have the quality of Smok’s.

It should be noted that both the H-Priv and G-Priv have much different tank systems. While you can use your own personalized tip on the H-Priv, it’s attached to the tank of the G-Priv. However I found this customization option not to be missed and instead appreciated that I would never lose the tip of the G-Priv.

Filling both tanks is still easy, and there are spare gaskets in the event you do get leaks. Both kits come with comprehensive accessories that’s very much appreciated – there’s nothing worse than going to a vape or smoke shop to find replacement parts for your mod box only to find nothing is compatible and you’re stuck dropping another $100 on a new mod.

While the G-Priv is impressive on several levels, I actually prefer the H-Priv for several reasons. First it’s smaller, which is noticeable in your pocket. The G-Priv box itself is about the same size as a pack of cigarettes, but the tank adds to the bulk, whereas the H-Priv with the tank is closer to the size of a pack.

Here’s a pic for reference.

Although the dual coil system wasn’t as effective at vape production as the quad and sext coil systems available for the G-Priv, it’s still comparable to the istick and Oil Rig. It’s also much more refreshing than smoking.

Still, both kits are impressive and definitely worth having in your vape collection. The small size, sturdy mechanical buttons, and leak-resistant tanks are everything you could want in a solid vaping device. These are definitely replacing my old mods for daily vaping of Philippine Mango and all the other Vape Chemist ejuices.


Brian Penny is a former business analyst at Bank of America turned whistleblower, consultant, troll doctor, and writer. He’s featured on The Huffington PostMainstreetLifehackMoney Side of Life, Gaiam, HardcoreDroid, and more.

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