A breakdown of the Vape Chemist Rewards Program

March 11, 2018

Vape Rewards Program | VapeChemist.com

OK I heard you loud and clear! After surveying numerous Vape Chemist customers, more than 65% of you wanted some sort of loyalty points program. I have been doing research for the past couple weeks and have finally implemented a program that offers more incentives to loyal Vape Chemist enthusiasts. I wanted a program that can not only reward you with points on every purchase but to also give you an opportunity to earn points while browsing. Basically the way the program is setup is for you to never leave empty handed. If you make a purchase, you earn points that can eventually be redeemed for discounts toward future products. If you don’t purchase anything then you can still share your referral link to a friend and earn points! Like Master P, there really is ‘no limit.’ Uggghhhhh!

How to earn Vape Chemist Reward Points

There are different ways (10 to be exact) to earn points, which can be found here. Here are a few examples:

Scenario 1: Earn 250 points by following us on instagram (you must sign in from vapechemist.com and link to our instagram from the rewards page for it to be tracked.)

Scenario 2: Earn 500 points for every 5 purchases. Let’s say you purchased $50 worth of product per visit. Not only do you earn 250 total points but we will also give you an additional 500 points for hitting that milestone. That new total will be 750 points!

Scenario 3: Earn 100 points when you spend over $100. A $100 order will give you 100 points (1 point per $1 spent) plus an additional 100 points equaling 200 total points!

As stated earlier, there are about 10 different ways to earn points but I also wanted to mention that your lifetime spending is also taken into account. These reward point tiers are not shown on the rewards page so I will display them below. There are a few lifetime customers that have already qualified for Gold and are making 4x per dollar spent. Cheers to you!

Bronze Tier Silver Tier Gold Tier
✔ Earned after spending over $500 
✔ Earn 2x Points Per $1 Spent
✔ 10% Off Coupon Awarded
✔ Additional 100 Points Awarded
✔ Earned after spending over $1000 
✔ Earn 3x Points Per $1 Spent
✔ 20% Off Coupon Awarded
✔ Additional 150 Points Awarded
✔ Earned after spending over $1500
✔ 4x Points Per $1 Spent
✔ 20% Off Coupon Awarded
✔ 200 Points Awarded 

After you accumulate points it’s now time to redeem them for money saving coupons. Here is a breakdown of what can be cashed in:

Total Points Accumulated

Redeemable Rewards


$5 off


$10 off


$20 off


$50 off


40% off your total purchase


50% off your total purchase


Scenario 1: If you have 1245 points in your account, you can redeem a $10 off coupon to be used at checkout. Redeeming a $10 off coupon will lower your balance to the new total of 245 points.

Scenario 2: You shop multiple times with us earning 5550 in spending and referral bonuses. You can redeem a 50% off coupon to be used on a future purchase. Your new balance will be 550 points. We are probably crazy for doing that but f*ck it. You deserve it! 

Please Note: Since we are testing out this rewards program, there may be future changes. For now, these are limited offers until further notice.

How do you sign up for the program?

If you have an existing account on VapeChemist.com you are already qualified. Just Sign In to activate and start earning today! Click the 'Earn Reward$' link below. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say what up, shoot me an email at info@vapechemist.com. As always, thanks for your business!

CEO, Vape Chemist 


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